September 26, 2016

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bob Velcheck at 7:00

In attendance was Mike Spiro, Beth Snyder, Bob and Maryjane Velcheck, Dennis Reibold and Dianna


Beat 2 officer Derik Angaries reports that it has been a nice quite month in our neighborhood. West Roseville is experiencing a lot of theft calls. He went on to say the city’s police department is currently under staffed, Roseville is a hiring new officers. Roseville has approximately 160,000 to 170,000 residents and the police department is staffed for a city with approximately 110,000 residents. Therefore, the residents may experience some delays in call response times. Angaries went on to say that car thefts have doubled in Roseville over the last year and the city has rolled out a new program to give city residents that own certain types of car an antitheft device called a club. See the police departments website or Facebook page for more information. Beth spoke about the concern of speeding on Stonebrook Dr. and Dennis asked about some zoning issues and the number of cars one is allowed to have on their property.
Bob then called for the approval of last month’s meeting minutes, Dennis seconded and the motion was passed.

Bob then spoke about fundraising. Several ideas such as…
 $5 fee to advertise area garage sales on the CRNA website
 $10 fee to join in on the neighborhood garage sale (dates not yet set)
 E-waste was also brought up, Dennis has previously ran an e-waste drive and it proved to not be profitable.

CRNA Website

Bob would like to get more public information on the website. Some examples of the desired information would be fundraising ideas and events, fun night out activities, links to city pages. Bob will be following up with Art.


Board members need to read and sign off on some posted information on the RCONA website, Bob will be sending out an email with the link and further information.
Bob will also be following up with Gina about her contact to have an FBI speaker join us for a future meeting.

Oakridge Entrance

The ongoing efforts to get a plan in place to clean up the Oakridge entrance are continuing, however it become just that a clean-up a new sign is proving to be a problem due to property ownership questions. Eric continues to work with the city and will provide more updates as they come in.

Treasure report:

$2594.30 ending balance
$130.00 donations Nation Night Out came
$0.00 payables
$2724.30 ending balance

Meeting ended at 7:56
Dianna Koering