February 27, 2017

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance Bob V, Dennis, Brooke, Eric, Gina, Bill and Dianna.

Meeting called to order by Bob at 7:05 pm.

Bob covered the RCONA meeting highlights.

  • 2 speakers from the Roseville public works presented a proposal to increase the electric rates by 5%. The increased funds generated will be put aside to cover any future emergency costs. A public meeting on this topic is to be held at Maidu on March 14, 2017. Please see the cities website for more details.

  • Placer county set up emergency shelters for the evacuees from the Oroville Dam spill way incident.

  • RCONA will be holding a monthly, one hour meeting, with the mayor. Please see the RCONA website for more information.

CRNA Agenda

  • Bob is working with Mr. Hasty at Oakmont to get the CRNA meeting information posted the Oakmont website and Oakmont is to supply their event information so it can be added to our new letter. Bob is continuing to reach out to Eich and Crestmont to add our information to their websites as well.

  • CRNA Movie in the park will be held this year on July 22, 2017 at Maidu. This will be a joint effort with the MNA. We need 2 volunteers to assist with this event. In addition, there is a sponsor advertising space available. Contact RCONA for more details.

  • The wall

    • Some minor improvements have been made by the department of public works to the entrance at Cirby and Oakridge.

      • The electrical box has been painted

      • Some back fill and landscape work has also taken place.

    • The department of public works is stating the wall is owned the homeowners that backup to it and any repairs to the said wall are the homeowner’s responsibility. Bob has made several attempts to contact the person in the home that is on the corner of Oakridge and Stonebridge to discuss the condition of the entrance wall. All attempts have been unsuccessful. Bob will be sending a letter; the hope is this will open a line of communication with the home owner. Bill also stated that he walks the area regularly and he will also attempt to reach out to the homeowner.

  • Bill Morrison raised the question of who could be contacted about neighbors not tending to the landscaping on their property.

    • It was suggested by to contact the code enforcement office.

    • Scott Larson will be looking up the CC&R for Cirby Ranch.

    • Gina is going to search the City regulations for a possible solution.

  • Bob is looking into the possibility of a code enforcement officer coming to a future meeting.

  • Neighborhood watch program has stalled. There have been no volunteers. All the links to volunteer are on the CRNA website.


  • Member at large board member position

    • Bob has nominated Scott Larson to fill the open position.

    • Motion seconded by Gina

    • Motion passed

  • Scott will also chair the block captain committee. Dianna will provide all the current information to Scott.

    • A motion was presented and passed to change the news letters from monthly, to bi -monthly. As there is not a lot happening in the neighborhood at this point to fill a monthly newsletter. Richard Teputt suggested that we find a new way to get information out. Scott suggested that a facebook would also be a good option.

  • Possible CRNA Facebook page

    • Scott is preparing terms of use guidelines.

  • Gina will be working on the March newsletter.

    • A request will be added if anyone is interested in a neighborhood garage sale that they attend the next meeting.

  • It was suggested by Richard Teputt that we attend the Roseville City Consul meetings held on the first and third Wednesdays at 7pm in the Counsel chamber located at 311 Vernon St.

  • Treasure Report

    • Current balance $2669.30 (no account activity at this time)

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:15