July 25th 2016

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at the Alta Manor

Meeting Called to order by Bob Velcheck at 7:01

Officer Cameron Landon (beat 2) took the floor and covered the general happenings around Roseville. In Our specific area there is mostly car break-ins and petty thefts.

Officer Landon also spoke about the 2 men in West Roseville shooting guns at 3:30 in the morning. Two men were spotted at the scene. Gun shell casing as well as an AR15 were found. No injuries were reported and at this point the case is still under investigation and no further information is available.

He also suggested that we check the Facebook page for up to date information on activity in Roseville, in addition there is a crime index report that can also be accessed via the Roseville PD website.

Dianna Koering let him know of 2 people that were stealing mail on Presidio Way 2 weeks ago at 5:00am.


Bob Velcheck called for meeting minutes from June 27th 2016 meeting it was seconded by Beth Snyder, motion passes.

Treasure report given by Bob Velcheck
The account has been transferred to the new board and the new signers are in place (Dennis, Bob and Dianna)
Dennis is still trying to determine what funds that are in the account were collected for the new sign on Oakridge. It is the suggestion of Dennis that we operate with in a $400 to $600 budget. The only cost endured to this point is the cost for the general meeting held June 2016, Bob to be reimbursed.

National Night Out to be held 8/2/16 from 6:00 – 8:00 at Crestmont Park. The Cirby Ranch committee (Bob, Beth and Brooke) meet with the South Cirby Association and at the event there will be free food, drinks and activities for the children. Beth made a suggestion to set up a table at the event to further spread the word of our association and the new neighborhood watch program. Jim Kidd reminded the board to save all receipts in order to receive the $100 reimbursement from RCONA. Target is a NNO sponsor and donates $25 gift card.
Jim Kidd announced that a neighborhood watch meeting was to be held at the Roseville Police station on 6/28/16.

Block Captains

Dianna Koering covered the new zone map and block captain assignments. We are still in need of several more block captains. New deadlines for flyer printing and distribution were voted on and passed. The Deadlines are as follows.

Deadline for the final flyer to be turned in by the 15th of the month. Sent to Printing 16th and distribution to take place the weekend that follows.

RCONA meeting review, BOB V attended the meeting. A review of the general activity was reviewed by a police sergeant. All other reps spoke about the general happenings in their neighborhood and NNO. (Some neighborhoods are having vendors at their events)

CRNA suffered a cyber-attack on the web page. The issue has been fixed and the website is up and running.
Our Neighborhood fire station will be holding an open house 8/6/16 from 10-2. RCONA will have a table set up and Bob volunteered to man the table.

A citizen academy is coming up in Roseville it is held each Wednesday for 1 month. Please see the Roseville City web page for more information.

Beth Snyder will be looking into setting up a Facebook account for CRNA. John O’Sullivan is being contacted about the webmaster position.

Eric will be heading up the CR sign committee. He will be exploring sign placement and new landscaping. Jim suggested contacting Pam Calloway to attempt to get the drawings that were drawn up under the last CRNA. A previous contact was Jeff Neisen he may also be helpful. Volunteers may be need for a cleanup/planting day. More information to follow.

Flyer/fund raising suggestions discussion

 Yearly Yard sale

 Current class action lawsuit for some homes with tile roofs on Stoneridge
 Empower energy update funding, tax based loan
 Suggested neighborhood actives
o Bunco
o Book Club
o Progressive Dinners
 Classified advertising for business owners in the neighborhood (maximum 3 lines at no cost)
Jim suggested that article assignments for the newsletters be made at each board meeting.

Assignments made for August news letter

 Presidents Corner – Bob

 NNO report – Brooke
 Sign Update – Eric
To be placed on next month’s agenda:
Set up ride along for the board.

Meeting ended at 8:18

Next meeting to be at Alta Manor unless otherwise advised.