June 27th 2016 Meeting

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at the Lions Club located at 1203 Gabrielle Dr. Roseville CA 95661

6:35 Meeting called to order by Jim Kidd

Jim went over what RCONA is, when the meetings are (3rd Thursday of the month) and names of the of the other board members. He then introduced Chief Daniel Hahn.

Chief Daniel Hahn covered:

 Police and community relations asking

  • How can the police department help the community to improve the quality of life for Roseville residents?
  • Spoke about the laws AB409 and Prop 47, the effect these laws have had on our
    community and how the department is learning to adapt to the new situation that has been created by these laws.
  • Importance of ALWAYS locking up belongings (cars, garage Ect.)

Jim then took the floor again and introduced Bob Velcheck the interim president.

Bob Introduced the other interim board members.

 Eric Duvoe Vice President
 Dennis Reibold Treasure
 Dianna Koering Secretary
 Gina Swankie MAL
 Bill Morrison MAL
 Brooke Rosser MAL
 Beth Snyder MAL

Jim Kidd called for a community vote to Elect the board. Vote was completed and passed.
Bob then called for a vote to pass the by-laws, vote was completed and passed.

Q&A session

Dennis Reibold then took the floor and asked for a volunteer to run the CRNA website.
At this time none stepped forward.

The neighborhood watch program was then covered.

 What is it (see website)
 Meetings held every other month

A community member asked “How often our community is patrolled. Chief Hahn answered “24-7 by beat 2”

A call/email tree was also suggested by another community member.

The Meeting was then called to an end.

Board Meeting Called to order at the Same location by Bob V.

 Previous meeting minutes called for approval motion passed.
 Bob to submit letter to RCONA for our Association.
 National Night Out Registration requirements covered

  • Deadline July 12th 2016
  • Form filled out and sent to the city and a copy sent to Sue Cook for $100.00 RONA
  • Board voted and passed on combining with the South Cirby Neighborhood for the NNO event.

 John O’Sullivan named as the potential web master with Bob V as the back up
 Dianna Koering volunteered to be the block captain
 Gina Swankie will be compiling a data base for the community information (names, emails, ect.)
 Dianna called for a vote to move the meeting time to 7:00 motion voted and passed.
 Dianna to call Bel Air for Potential meeting place.
 RCONA Volunteers (volunteers agreed to rotate every month)

o Bob V
o Tracy M
o Eric D

 CRNA bank account

o Dennis to contact previous treasure to schedule meeting at the bank.
o Bob V and Dianna K to be additional signers on the account.

 Merv Screeton Roseville Police officer spoke about

o Scheduling a potential ride along for the board members.

Meeting concluded