March 27, 2017

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Bob V. called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Roseville PD report

Officer B. Gillespie reported that the 2016 crime statistics have been released.

  • There has been a decrease in burglaries. Prevention is the key to ensure that this number continues to decrease. Lock up valuables and remember to close the garage door.

  • Car accidents have increase and therefor they have stepped up speed patrols.

Q&A (for officers)

  1. How many speed trailers are in Roseville?

  2. 3 they are placed in areas where there are complaints about excessive speeding for one week periods. The speed trailers have Lidar which sends a light beam at the car, that then bounces off and returns to the speed trailer enabling it to determine the closing speed of the car and that will give the cars speed.

Lt. J Cool of beats four and five (West Roseville) Reported the city is rolling out a new (voluntary) program to register your security cameras. In the event, there is a crime committed in your area the police will know the location of the cameras in the area and request to view the footage from the time of the crime.

He then went on to say that he recently discovered a GPS tracking device called Track R, available on amazon, that is nickel sized, runs on a watch battery and has live tracking.  He suggested that a product like this could be placed on or in valuables in the event they are lost or stolen.

Roseville FD report

Brian Schualke reported that the next open house for the department will be held the first Saturday in April. Check the city’s website for the location and time (the open house rotates between houses)


  • The proposed terms of use for the CRNA Facebook page where approved via email.

  • The address of each person will be required before approval of the person to confirm the person does in fact live within the CRNA borders.

  • Business will not be allowed to advertise on this page, however a person asking for referrals (such as babysitters, handyman, etc.)

  • Scott will be setting up the site. Scott, Dianna and Brooke will act as the admins.

Neighborhood Garage sale

  • Approximately 10% of the people in attendance showed interest in the having a garage sale.

  • Possible dates for the sale would be in May around the 15th or 30th of the month.

  • Scott, Bob and Brooke volunteered to help organize a sale.


Guest speaker

Senior Code Enforcement Inspector Paul Camilleri joined us for a brief description of the what code does, how to report a concern and what would be an example of an issue the city would become involved in and what would be a civil issue.

In the code enforcement office, there are 2 code enforcement inspectors and 3 building inspectors. Mr. Camilleri gets all complaints submitted to the city, he then sends them to the appropriate department (parking, streets, etc.).  If the issue is visible from the street then the code enforcement can help, if it is not visible from the street (behind a fence) it may be a civil matter.

  1. Can trash cans be left in the street or in front of the house.

  2. Trash cans be left in the street for no more than 12 hours after pick up, after 12 hours’ owners can be fined. Cans can be left out front on private property.

  3. What can be done about unmaintained yards?

  4. If the weeds/grass are higher than 12” if can be considered a fire hazard or a nuance. Call code enforcement.

  5. Is it ok for delivers left in the street (rock, bark, etc.)? They are hard to see at dusk and could cause an accident.

  6. Call code enforcement (or non-emergency police department number after hours) for large items left in the encroachments sections of the street.

  7. What about back yards filled with garbage creating rats?

  8. Contact the health department at 530-745-2300

  9. Missing fence boards?

  10. If the house has a pool it poses a danger to children contact code enforcement.

  11. What about a dead tree on the property?

  12. Call code enforcement. IF the tree falls in the street it is a city issue, if it falls on private property it is a civil issue.

  13. Motorhomes and trailers left in the street?

  14. New code as of March 2016, cannot be left in street for more than 72 hours. It can be parked in the front yard if on Pavement. Pavement cannot be more than 50% of the yard and no more than 20 feet in length. Oversized commercial vehicles are a code violation. CC&R’s could also help with motorhomes left on property, however the city does not enforce CC&R’S?

  15. What about working on cars or storing cars (under tarps not being driven) in the driveway? Home on Vistacreek.

  16. Code enforcement will do drive by.


  1. What about running a professional shop or dealer out of the home?

  2. Call Bauer of automotive repair and email code enforcement.

Entrance wall

Bob sent letters to the home owner on the corner as well as the home owner that backs up to the section of wall that was repaired. As of this meeting no responce.

Meeting ended at 8:05