August 22th 2016

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Attendance was called at approx. 7:00 PM.

Officer Troy Berstrom, from Rsvl PD spoke at the meeting. He informed us that crime was down by 29% in Roseville in the last month (July) and with only one incident reported in the month of July in beat 2 (Cirby Ranch). YAY!!

Treasure Report: Begin bal. of CRNA $2694.30
Deposits: –
Ending bal.$2,594.30

Newsletter: Our members spoke about our upcoming newsletter. We came to the agreement that it should include:

-Presidents address/ note to CRNA
-Article on NNO: To be written, rough draft, by Brooke then sent over to Gina for finalizing. Bob will email Brooke with list of the participated vendors and their donations.
-Theme: RSVL PD and Appreciation for donations from last active CRNA and the neighborhood. Also to include why it benefits us as a community to be connected as a neighborhood association.

NEW!!!!! WEB MASTER!!! Please welcome Art Woodby!! Thank you so much Art for volunteering your time to help our NA!!

What to focus on: We need more volunteers for CRNA. Lets work together on getting our neighborhood involved!

– Articles for newsletters
-Neighborhood watch??

We as a team, also talked about the idea of starting an annual community garage sale. When is a good time to plan this event?

Fundraising??? – A good way to raise money for CRNA is to let our neighborhood advertise in the newsletter about their own personal garage sale? We as a board need to vote on this and come up with the cost.
* Gina also had mentioned about having the FBI come to a meeting and speak about internet safety. she will look into that with her connections and get back to us.

***** CIRBY RANCH SIGN******

Eric had informed us that to complete the entrance sign, we need to have a copy of the measurements to present to the city. We were also informed that there is a sewer line that runs underneath the center median. We need to come up with a plan and location of where we would like the sign before we can move forward.

Meeting adjourned at: 8;23 PM

Brooke Roesser