October 24, 2016

Cirby Ranch Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bob Velcheck at 7:00

In attendance was Mike Spiro, Bob and Maryjane Velcheck, Dennis Reibold and Gina Swankie, Eric Duvoe, Art Woodby, Pam Hawthorne, Ray and Georgina Clemo.

Beat 2 officer Derik Angaries report:

  • Not much activity in the area. Some summons issued at the Oak Ridge stop sign.
  • On Greenborough, speed monitoring has been done. PD is determining typical speeds in that area.
  • Story that 4 Oakmont students died this past weekend. Rumor that 2 died in a car crash is not true.  One did die from the effects of Leukemia, and another from overdoes (alcohol poisoning).
  • PD has enhanced awareness of drug and alcohol related problems due to homecoming weekend. Parents need to talk with kids about this issue.
  • Officer Angaries told us to call in cell phone if we ever want to speak with him. It is ok to share his number with neighbors.  He will be happy to help wherever he can. Action – Dianna do you have his cell number?
  • Good news, Roseville is testing a new yellow flashing left turn arrow to replace the red arrow. Bob commented, why do we need any arrow after the green arrow turns off.  No arrow, should mean turn if there is no oncoming traffic.
  • Repaving all streets in Roseville using federal grant money. Replacing road dot lane markers with new white on one side and red on the other.  If you are driving in the wrong direction you see red markers.

Bob then called for the approval of last month’s meeting minutes, Dennis seconded and the motion was passed.

Bob then Reviewed the highlights of the last RCONA board meeting

  • Good presentation from the Director and Superintendent of the Roseville Parks department. They plan on improving the Roseville entry ways.
    • Thay have plans on improving the medians and putting up Welcome to Roseville signs.
    • New development has 9 acres of park land for every 1000 new homes.
    • Criby Ranch does not have a park. We are considered a LLC (Landscape and Lighting District).  We should have better landscaping, since no money is spent on a park maintenance in Cirby Ranch.
    • Bob made a good contact with Tara Gee, superintendent of Parks. Action – Bob to send email with pictures of the Oak Ridge entrance wall that is falling apart.
    • Invite Tara to our next meeting – Action Bob to invite
  • Dec 10 Santa in the Park
  • First Tuesday in November Roseville High School is offering a community service to seniors and neighbors in need. They are offering home cleaning, both inside and out.
  • Family Night Out, Oct 27, downtown Roseville. Great night for kids and families. RCONA to have a table in center square

Begin through Agenda items:

Oak Ridge entrance – No existing plans can be found for the proposed Criby Ranch entrance sign.  We are back to square one.  Frist priority is to get the city to improve the wall at the entrance, then look for a sign that is within our existing budget.

Neighborhood Watch (NW)

  • Distribute the required steps to getting a NW started.
  • RCONA pays $20 per sign. This is ½ the cost of the $40 sign
  • Proposed that CRNA pay $20 for the first 5 NW groups that are established. All of the four board members approve.  Need one more board member to vote yes to get majority vote.  If voted in, we will promote matching $20 offer in newsletter and website.  Voted on and Approved

Gina review of Guest speaker on Cyber Safety or Kids Safety

  • Gina to confirm that the Speaker is available for Nov 28 meeting. Once confirmed, we agreed to have the open general meeting on Nov 28.
  • Presentation is meaningful to adults and kids ages 10 or 12 and up
  • Speaker will modify presentation appropriately to fit the audience
  • We need to publicize the meeting well to get a large audience
  • Go to local schools to advertise on the school’s website for Parents of neighborhood students
  • Bob to secure space for meeting. Crestmont or Oakmont schools are the preference
  • News Letter to go out 2 weeks prior to meeting, Sponsor agrees to 4 page newsletter
  • Gina has a good start on newsletter Gina to review with Bob

Website review

  • Thank you Art for getting the RCNA website active.
  • Links to PD, FD and posts
  • Need board to review and comment
  • Need additional links: PD literature, MpowerPlacer.Org
  • All new links to be sent to Bob (for now)

Neighborhood garage sale

  • Agreed to have it in the Spring
  • Bob to redistribute Jim Kidd’s 9 step process to successful NA garage sale – Done
  • This should be our #1 fundraiser. Ask for donation, nit a fee to participate
  • Will need good volunteer committee

Dennis follow-up from last meeting with CRNA now a non-profit for E-waste.

  • Dennis to distribute “800” number to call for E-waste pick-up and reference CRNA. Action – Dennis to distribute 800 number

Financial report reviewed and approved

Should Roseville change the National Night out from August to October?

  • August too hot
  • October cooler weather
  • October kids are back in school.
    • + schools can be used to get volunteers.
    • – school kids are involved in after school activities and can’t attend NNO
  • October get dark early – Change time of events to 5:30-7:30
  • All in attendance favored change to Oct date.
  • Recommendation to connect with neighboring communities to change date as well. Bob to pass this recommendation on to RCONA –


Meeting ended at 8PM

Minutes recorder by – Maryjane Velcheck